Bee Facts


Life Cycle


Swarming is the natural reproductive cycle of the honey bee. Simply put the colony splits...about half fly away in seek of a new home(the swarm that needlessly freaks everyone out) and the rest carry on. This is a beautiful process but in urban environments can cause some troubles. That is where a beekeeper such as myself is helpful to call...PLEASE NEVER SPRAY a professional who will catch them(usually for free). The Portland area even has an automated swarm line linking you to a network of experienced beekepers...
Favorite Local Resources:

Portland Urban Beekeepers - I strongly encorage all to join your nearest bee club
Bridgetown Bees - Local bees, supplies and two great guys
Old Sol Apiary - Quality nucs and queens from Southern Oregon
Xerces Society - A  great organization with fantastic pollinator information
Thicket - Sweet little nursery where you may find me teaching a class
Beekeeping permit info page - required for everyone with hives in Portland